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Children and their dream of being an artist  


Countless are the boys and girls with limited resources in Colombia, who plunged into absolute poverty see their Big Dreams of one day becoming a great artist truncated; play an instrument or sing  one of those that you most likely see on television or hear on the radio. COLOMBIAN ORCHESTRAS and our ally, ENTREARTE Teatro Escuela de Actuación, aware of this reality and to the extent of its scope, supports those boys and girls to  guide them in artistic training.   


How do we help? Providing training and the necessary means such as musical instruments so that they can carry out their practices, positively strengthening self-esteem, moral, cultural and responsibility values, achieving  sow a seed in strengthening the social fabric and cultural identity.


How to help? In a very positive way, you who are an altruistic person and consider that the future of these children are the artists of tomorrow, support them by making a Donation:


In species.

Musical instruments, teaching material. Coordinating in our contact number or via email.

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