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Juan José Meza y su Banda Café, álbum Latino Soy



In the market his musical production, album entitled  "LATIN I AM" which you can acquire worldwide on the digital platforms of your choice.


"A very tropical production for all tastes," said Juan José Meza.


The album is made up of 11 musical gems, including "No Te Extrañes", "El Cuatro", "Llora Corazón", and "No Olvidaras" .

En el mercado su producción musical, álbum titulado "LATINO SOY" el cual lo puedes adquirir a nivel mundial en las plataformas digitales de tu preferencia.
"Un producción muy tropical y para todos los gustos", expresó Juan José Meza.
El álbum está compuesto por 11 joyas musicales, entre ellas, "No Te Extrañes", "El Cuatro", "Llora Corazón", y "No Olvidaras".

JuanJo Meza, cantautor colombiano
JUAN JOSE MEZA  It puts Colombians to enjoy with an emblematic theme entitled  MI SELECTION, dedicated to our Colombian National Team, with its contagious rhythm "Vapoka". The exquisite theme was written and produced by this great Colombian singer-songwriter.

Song that will dance and enjoy many in Colombia and in the world.

“We can enjoy the emotion of seeing our Colombia team and how happy we Colombians are. “Reason, that filled me with pride and enthusiasm to write this song”, commented JuanJo.

The single takes on new life in the voice of JuanJo, having a fusion between Dancehall and Colombian folk music as a rhythmic base, achieving a one-of-a-kind sound effect exhibited by the artist in previous works with his contagious rhythm titled "Vapoka".

JuanJo Meza has the flavor of the Caribbean, which he knows how to mix well, with influences that remain perceptible in his compositions that describe the magic of his single “MI SELeleccion” . His father Lisandro Meza has marked the sensational style of this singer-songwriter who has conquered the hearts of thousands of fans.

Like the name of his album PISANDO FUERTE,  JUAN JOSÉ MEZA and his Song "NO IMAGINÉ"  at the HARTS OF DJL RECORD POOL IN THE USA. Theme that is for sale worldwide available in all digital stores such as Itunes and Amazon.
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